"Who pays What"

Do you know the situation when you are arranging a group trip, a party or any other group activity and you are asking yourself....

  • Who paid what?
  • Who was actually participating in particular expenses?
  • Who owes whom how much?
  • How can we split the expenses fair and easy?

Just that easy:

  1. Enter email address + password and press "Register"
  2. Set up a group
  3. Invite participants
  4. All participants enter their expenses, specify the people involved and the factor of consumption
  5. Who-pays-what.com calculates and splits your expenses!

      It's that easy!


Who pays What is there to answer exactly those questions for you.

Simplify your life
Stop worrying about complex calculations and group conflicts. Who pays What does that for you! Just relax and let us do the unpleasant part of your group activities. Who pays What is a free service for calculating and splitting your group expenses.